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Welcome friend, to a world of dark and miraculous things; of monstrous faeries and wandering shades and amnestic traitors and beautiful creatures and cosmic scavengers and ancients that laugh like young women...

Are you prepared for a journey of a lifetime?

What is L U CE N T?Edit

'Lucent' is a mythpunk-inspired, post-apocolyptic fairytale set in a dying universe and all life is long since gone. All, except the immortal Mother of Pearl, a wizened humanoid who mostly retains the appearance of a young woman, and her only son Iero, who survive inside a glass house in a frozen kingdom called Coldworro. She instructs he and her monkey to travel to the centre of the planet, where the only heat source - the core - remains and bring it back up to the surface in the hope it will restore the lifeforms who have been frozen into living statues. However, upon reaching it he discovers a hidden city called Ebblissamy that coils around the planet's core and befriends two people who will change his life forever, a young girl called Ace and an older man named Firenze. But why does he never see any other people? And why does it all simply feel so wrong? There's a sinister plot behind the creation of Ebblissamy, and Iero is not sure he's going to like what he finds...

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