The Land of Ipnol is an ancient, mythological city in the heart of Luthea. Run over by trees and greenery, like a reverse Atlantis, the fable tells the story of the Three Green Witches; Prisca of Valour, Pagnora of Longevity and Peridot of Silvertongue, who traverse the River Cavern (great waves turned to slag and rocky ground by a curse) and climb the mountain Lumulius Luthea (named for the Latin 'sideways' and the planet it was built upon); for at its peak was an inwards curving tunnel covered in crystals, filled with water. There, the Wyrm would rise up from the centre of the mountain and speak to the first person able to capture its attention. However, as there is very little light in the tunnel, the water is speckled with dirt and broken pieces of crystal float towards the surface, the creature's eyesight is dulled. Prisca, Pagnora and Peridot are in fact duplicates, and all have near identical voices, and so, using this against the creature, they succeed in tricking the creature into telling them what they seek and then banishing it to its glittering cove.